Snowbelt Screenrooms

Own a Florida style screenroom in the snowbelt!

Intelligent Engineering & Designed for Versatility

Up to now if you wanted a Florida style screen enclosure to protect you and your family from harmful insects a heavy cumbersome looking structure had to be built using strong materials and a solid strong roof. All this because the weight of the snow would collapse the structure. Our unique design allows the roofing panels to be pivoted 90 degrees in minutes for winterization, and come spring the panels return just as easily to in-use mode. For the first time, people of the snowbelt can live their summers like they do in Florida - with structures which are light, airy and open to the starry night sky!

Made with Aircraft-Certified Aluminum 6061-T6

Our Kacitas screenrooms are manufactured from aircraft-certified non-recycled aluminum 6061-T6 ensuring a 14% gain in material strength over traditional 6050-T6 alloy. The aluminum spans are powder coated in white for an ultra-smooth and stylish finish. Our aluminum frame and aluminum components come with a full 5 Year Warranty against rust, deterioration, and paint flaking.

Durable Screening Avoids Punctures & Biting Bugs

We all know accidents can happen - so we put a lot of effort into the selection of screening for Kacitas screenrooms. Our screenroom enclosures utilize screening which is composed of a highly durable vinyl-coated fibreglass screening with a rated bursting strength of 100lbs per square inch. There's also comfort in knowing the screening extinguishes in under 10 seconds.